Trampoline Hall is a monthly bar-room lecture series where 3 speakers speak on a topic in which they are not professionally expert. Those speakers speak on a stage, which gets an artist-designed set for each edition. I've created a couple of those sets so far (one in collaboration with Kelly Jenkins).

I've also been named the curator of the set designers, which means I get to choose the artists who create the installations! So far it's been a who's who of creative people I like, such as: 
Justin Close 
Kar Yan Cheung
Tristan Marantos
Odette Beja
Aaron Rinas
Benjamin Lory
Kristina Ljubanovic
Alexandre Viault
Blair Johnsrude
Hélio Teles
Raylene Knutson
Lola Landekic
Chris Braden



GLITZ – This set was high-visual, low-concept. I thought it would be fun to install a game-show style gold foil curtain across the stage. I doubled-up on the curtain to make it extra dense. The only downside was that it fit so well that it didn't look as outrageous as I'd planned; it seemed logical. Misha, the host of Trampoline Hall, seemed to really enjoy it though. You can watch a 13-second video for full effect, here.



SUNFLOWERS – Trampoline hall has 135 people in the audience each month. For this one, I bought 135 sunflowers and invited each person to take one home at the end of the night. I thought there might be a bunch left at the end, with people not being into it. None left. Everyone wanted a flower. A stranger asked me for mine on the walk home—gave it to them.

TITLES – I made a texty/patterny graphic for each speaker's talk title (as well as intro, intermission, and farewell ones). My friend Kelly and I projected these using one of those old school projectors. He had the job of scrambling up on stage to switch them out. It looked great and photographed terribly. 

I designed and produced a patch to give to each set artist.